1st Official Summer Weekend Recap in a Nutshell

First Summer WeekendI’d love to hear how you spent your first summer weekend!



Weekend Five – 5 Fun Outdoors Activities

Happy weekend and welcome to my first ever Weekend Five post! I love making plans for the weekend, which usually begin on Monday! 🙂 Fueled by the fun of the previous weekend or by the regrets of not being able to do a certain activity due to random factors, I start dreaming of the next weekend activities. Of course, everything depends on whether we will be traveling or not, of the weather and so on.

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For my first Weekend Five, I wanna tell you about the 5 things I’d love to do this weekend. Weather seems to be really hot and sunny, so I’m hoping for fun outdoor activities.

  1. We want to go on a bike ride again – Miss I. said she wants to go to the ZOO, so ZOO it is. 🙂 Bike ride through the forest, to the ZOO! Can’t wait to hit the trails and discover whatever we’ll find along the path!
    Mental note: Remember to take the photo camera with you this time!
  2. Sunday afternoon barbecue – we love getting together with our friends, so we’ll either have a barbecue at our house, or we’ll visit some friends that just called me and said they might host one. Our kids will have plenty of fun going on a nature color hunt!
  3. Our recently overused item in the house is the flower shaped fly swatter. She uses it to draw, to dust the cushions, to give flowers, and even to paint! It’s really fun watching her painting with the fly swatter, because she slaps down and splatters the paint all over and the passion on her eyes and her moves are priceless! This painting activity turns the art project into a really intense physical activity. 🙂 We use the artwork as a canvas for other drawings.
  4. Go for a walk in the downtown Timisoara. One of the central alleys is covered with lots and lots of colored umbrellas. I will follow-up on this with a picture.
  5. Learn the numbers higher than 5 by playing hopscotch. 🙂

What are your plans for the weekend?