The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I know I said I’ll be taking some time off blogging, but I need to share this. 🙂 Today when I woke up I found in my Inbox a new comment on my About page. It was from Charlotte from trextotigressdotcom, and said something about being nominated for an award. That got me wide and awake, because I really didn’t expect that, especially after the On hold announcement.

So I went to her blog to see what’s the The Very Inspiring Blogger Award all about. I found a really fun post announcing her nomination. I was reading all about the award rules, the fun facts about Charlotte, other bloggers that were nominated by her and I felt so good – it was the great way to start the day. And I hadn’t even had my coffee yet!

Therefore, thank you, Charlotte, for nominating me! You have a great blog I really enjoy reading!


Now, let me tell you how this award is all about (aka the rules and my inline answers):

  • Link the person who nominated you – as stated above Charlotte from trextotigressdotcom
  • Share seven facts about yourself
    1. I used to model when I was in high school. It was a great period, the best to try this kind of thing (I had responsible parents by my side, who made sure I received the proper education so I can choose what’s right for me and say NO to situations that might out of my comfort zone).
    2. Between age 10 – 15, I used to play handball and my team won 3rd prize in an international championship in Italy in 1998.
    3. When thinking back on events from childhood, I can easily remember the year something happened or took place because until I was 9, every 3 years, I had a cast on my broken leg, then the other leg and finally an arm. So the events were pretty much in between accidents and that makes them so easy to track. Weird, I know…
    4. I kinda love-hate the city I live grew up. I miss the surroundings from that little town, my family and the few friends that returned home after graduating, but I just couldn’t live there anymore – business-, cultural-, lifestyle-wise.
    5. I love skiing, but absolutely hate winter (actually the cold, the snow on the streets and icy sidewalks).
    6. I don’t watch TV shows (except Friends, which I’ve seen at least 10 times). Fun or not, I’d rather read a book or play with my dogs.
    7. When traveling, I pack almost everything for that just in case situation, which of course never happens. But at least I am relaxed knowing that I am prepared for it.
  • Nominate fifteen other amazing blogs and remember to comment on their blogs to let them know you’ve nominated them and provide a link to your post. So here’s my list:
    1. The Fit Foodie Mama
    2. Helly on the Run
    3. TRexToTigressdotcom
    4. Kama Fitness
    5. Mommy’s Me Time
    6. Fat Girl to Ironman
    7. Piece of Cait
    8. Fitness by Alicia
    9. Food Addict and Fitness Fanatic
    10. Running With The Girls
    11. The Gym Bag Diaries
    12. Confessions of a Mother Runner
    13. Healthy is Happy
    14. Mini Me Wannabe
    15. Run Salt Run

These are my favorite blogs, that are always filled with joy, positive vibes and inspiring activities that promote the sporty and healthy life. Please visit them when you have the time!

As for the nominated blogs, please know I don’t expect you to participate, only if you want to and find this fun. 🙂 I love reading your blogs and I think you are a perfect fit for this award.

Now I’m officially out, since it’s already night here. Good night!

See you guys soon with another workout!