Weekend Five – 5 Running Tips for Beginners

A while ago I was telling you here and here that I’d like to start running this summer, and by late summer / early fall to be able to easily run a 5K race. So I’m still researching, buying running clothing and accessories. While searching for the best training plan, I also found lots of tips and tricks for beginner runners from experienced runners – this kind of tips & tricks are my favorite, because it’s based on experience.

Running seems so easy, but I am sure it’s not. Takes time, patience, perseverance and dedication, like in all things you care about and want to make the best out of it. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you come in first, tenth, or last. What’s really important is being able to say ‘I’ve finished’.

For the weeks to come, I am thinking on starting a 8 week series called Gone Running – I’d love to have bloggers who run as guest posting their experience with running from the day 1 until present and where I will be sharing my own progress on running. 🙂 I would love to hear your story and be a guest of my blog! If this idea appeals to you, please send me an email at hiitmom[at]gmail[dot]com.

Weekend Five Running Tips for Beginners

And now, the list of great tips and tricks I found most interesting and real:

  1. Set a goal and make a plan
    I just can’t work out without a goal – that’s why I started the year with a topnotch resolution and  that’s why I plan to run a 5K in late summer. I really need to see the progress, as this gives me the a great satisfaction.
  2. Try to avoid of the terrible ‘too’s – too fast too soon
    I have to admit I feel ready now to run at least 2.5 km (~1.5 miles) right from the start. And I am sure I’d be able to. It just seems that it’s not really good for your body to increase your mileage too quickly, because it can lead to injury. The max recommended mileage increase per week is 10%, so take the time to adjust each week. This means that I’ll be following my training schedule to determine how much I should be running. If I’ll feel like doing more, I’ll supplement my running with cross-training exercises such as biking back home. 🙂
  3. Get the right running gear
    Cotton is not a good fabric for running clothes, because it dries really slowly. Try instead running outfits made out of synthetic fabrics such as spandex and polyester, which are so much better than cotton at wicking away sweat. And, of course, you want to feel comfortable while training and running for your race, which means getting a running shoe that fit best. On this topic, I found a great post where Zelana Montminy give some tips for buying the perfect pair of running shoes for your feet.
  4. Listen to your body
    This one I already know it, but it’s always a good idea to keep it in mind when starting a new sport or activity. Your body is always trying to tell you where you are. Check how you’re feeling, check your morning pulse rate (if it’s up 10 or more beats above your average, it means that you haven’t recovered from the previous day’s training), check your healing injuries and take time off until everything returns to normal.
  5. Warm up, then stretch
    Warming up is really important, so light jogging or just brisk walking is always a good idea. As for stretching , it seems it’s better to stretch after the run, as stretching cold muscles can cause more harm than good.

How often do you run during a week? How do you cross train?

When was your first 5K and how quickly were you able to run a race?


Running My First 5K @ the End of Summer

Oh, wow, it’s a new week already!? I can’t believe how time flies by! On my side things have been a little hectic during this last week, and I am still trying to get everything back in order so we can get back to the usual schedule.

I’ve been planning to start running and until now all I did was start looking for the right places to run. 🙂 I know, I am a planner – I like to have everything aligned, everything figured out and then I take action. Not that I can’t handle uncertainty and unexpected situations, but I love more a good preparation and a clear schedule.


You’d say you can run anywhere, but unfortunately it’s not applicable in my case. Where we live there are quite a lot stray dogs, and even though I am not afraid of dogs (I’ve got two of them at home, and both of them are large size) I really am reluctant to do my running among them. So I checked out the places where I can run in the mornings and I’ve got two options:

  • there’s a sports field pretty close to where I live, but unfortunately it’s not very well maintained. But at least I’m not going to run on asphalt. 🙂
  • the schools will soon be out so I will be able to train using their sports court.

For my weekend runs, I would like to take the forest trails together with a friend of mine – it’s always better to run with someone. 🙂 There are 4 trails that are 2.5 km (1.55 miles), 3.2 km (1.9 miles), 4 km (2.48 miles) and 4.4 km (2.7 miles) long. To begin with, I’m going to focus on running on the green trail, as it’s 2.5 km one way, so round trip would be exactly 5 km (3.1 miles).

Trasee Padurea VerdeI’ve already got my Couch-To-5K running plan that Salt recommended, and I can’t wait to begin training!

But till then, I’m looking to buy some running clothes, shoes and accessories. I am looking to get a FlipBelt or D-Belt or even a wrist cuff, water bottle, running arm band, headband and so on. – I love shopping, so during next weeks I’ll be having a lot of fun looking for the best running equipment!

Do you have a running apparel brand you’d like to recommend?

What are your favorite running shoes?

What is the running gear / accessories you can’t live without?

Do you have stray dogs in your area? Where do you run? Do you carry a dog-chaser device?