Girls Gone Sporty

In April I was happily announcing my nomination as a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador. Soon after that friends started asking me lots of questions about Girls Gone Sporty – what is it, what it stands for etc -, as they had never heard of this community. So I decided to go ahead and dedicate a post to this awesome community.

To begin with, Girls Gone Sporty is an online editorial magazine for women dedicated to living and leading sporty lives. Started back in 2011 by Laura Williams and her husband Lance, GGS provides cutting-edge content, as they are committed to creating a support system for women who are striving to become their best version of themselves.

Girls Gone Sporty Community is an amazing group of women that motivate and encourage one another to get fit and make healthy lifestyle changes. They come from all over the world and are in different stages in life, at all fitness levels who promote active healthy living.

So what does living a sporty life actually mean? A sporty woman is one who works hard, trains hard, is not used to giving up, a woman who loves to eat – all with the intention of being their best version of herself. So basically, a sporty life it’s a combination of working out + eating healthy + having active fun.

I was assigned to Team Stellar, so I’ve got 144 strong and motivated women I can learn from. Our commitment is to provide positive, informative and encouraging content that’s based on science and experience.

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