Lumpy Bumpy Cellulite

You can feel summer is close when everywhere you go, every website you browse, or every time you update your Twitter or Facebook feed titles like How to get rid of cellulite, Is Cellulite Forever? etc. are more and more frequent. However, there’s one I love most; it’s a vblog from that I embed at the end of the post. The main reason I love this vblog is that these guys are so straight forward, and put the name on it in a really realistic approach (you may not like it, but they are telling it). I find this video really balanced, while the authors give you all the insights you need to reduce cellulite.

Ughh… cellulite… I am a woman, like many others, who always wanted to look great, to be able to feel good about how I looked, and to be comfortable in my own skin. And I have cellulite. Before having my daughter it was almost unnoticeable, but I knew it was there. Even though I did work out a lot, I never get rid of it. And truth is, I didn’t ever care about it so much.

Things changed though after giving birth, and I ended up with (tones of – in my opinion -) cellulite on my thighs, buttocks and abs. I almost did not recognize myself, because I kept going through my head about the fact that I did not gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy, I continued to workout until 5 days before going into labor, I always watched what I ate. So none of these things mattered with respect to cellulite.

Six weeks after giving birth I returned to exercising; I was sooo out of shape I couldn’t have possibly imagine. It was like I didn’t work out in my entire life. I wasn’t able to do a full crunch, I wasn’t able to plank… That was the moment I realized the cellulite and the muscle relaxation need to be related. And muscle relaxation happens after birth or if you don’t work out. One is caused by hormonal imbalance, the other is a cause of muscle weakness.

After reading several articles on how the hormonal imbalance increases the amount of cellulite, I felt somehow at ease, but certainly not resigned. I decided to allow myself some time to re-balance, as the postpartum period is a really tough one for every mom. For my suffering self-esteem, I started some anti-cellulite massages, which did a pretty good job. But not great. I was still exercising 2-3 time / week, and results were no show.

Several months later, our family dynamics changes as we started building a house, and I suddenly had limited workout time (so none at some extend).  That’s when I discovered HIIT and fell in love with it. I managed to lose a lot of fat working out in an average of 30 minutes (only!) three times / week. I was amazed by the results – my cellulite was barely noticeable. So in my case, the “secret” to reduced cellulite is cross training (HIIT workouts alternated with strength, pilates or yoga workouts) and, of course, clean eating.

There are cellulite exercises that are focused on working the hamstrings, glutes, abductor and adductor muscles. I must say I didn’t purchase any of the programs that are available online, but I made a list of exercises that really work that muscle groups. You can find it here. I usually pick 4 of them and do 3 sets of 50 reps. If you find it interesting and you’d like to give it a try, pick whatever you like and perform at least 2 sets of 10-15 reps per exercise.

But it’s weird how this cellulite obsession took over and makes us feel bad about ourselves. The other day I was talking with my husband about how did our mothers, grandmothers go by, and how did they live with having cellulite. I asked them if they had, what others said, how was society addressing this issue. The answers were pretty much alike. They said they don’t remember having cellulite, and they were not stressed about this. However, back in the 70s- 80s, when our moms were really young, the clothes were a little longer than nowadays (the skirts / dresses weren’t ending at 2 fingers under the buttocks exposing the entire back of the leg, the leggings weren’t that popular and the skinny jeans were not in style, no tight clothes limiting the blood flow.

Another aspect is that the media didn’t pay too much attention to this skin imperfection back in the days here in Romania, therefore nobody looked at one body in a critical way… I’d like that very much now. Because having cellulite is not a disease. 90% of women have it. I don’t say to accept it, but I say never to give up on yourself. Try and fight it, but for the right reasons, with the right means, tools and attitude. Stand more, move more, and eat healthy clean food! And you’ll be just fine. Maybe not perfect (as you can’t influence or change genetics), but perfect for you and your family as you’ll have a higher self-esteem.

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