Hello Summer Vacation!

Hello again Croatia! In the past 5 years I think we’ve been here 4 times already. So when our friends ask us where we’ll be going to spend our (hopefully first) summer vacation, they immediately say Oh, you’re Croatia fans. And I think we really are. And it’s strange, because there aren’t too many sandy beaches, and for a family with kid(s), you might expect to choose a different destination.

Well… Maybe next year – that’s what we always say. This year we’ll be spending our vacation on the Istia peninsula, “the best kept secret in Croatia”. We return to Croatia because every time we plunge into an awesome variations of hill towns and seaside villages, stone beaches and gorgeous rose gardens, not to speak about the absolutely delicious wine and olive oil.

Istria_MapPhoto credit: http://zkahlina.ca/

Istria is all about the small towns, where you can still feel the Hapsburg influence… However, if you head down the coast of Istria, you’ll be discovering Istria’s Roman and Venetian history.

One of the other things I love about Croatia is food – I absolutely love sea food so I’ll be eating a lot of it, especially because on the seaside sea food always tasted better than at home. So clean eating, trying my best to keep on track with my 100 Days of Summer Challenge and do those 3 HIIT workouts that can be done on the beach. 🙂

I can’t wait to get back with a recap of the vacation, maybe will inspire you to try it too!

What’s your summer destination?

What do you prefer: vacation at the beach or in the mountains?


Post-conference Thoughts and a Summer Challenge

Hello my dear readers,

I am finally back home, but not for too long. Seems new travelling on business is showing up on the horizon. It may seem I went awol, but as I said in the previous post, my husband and one of really good friends, together with his wife (that’s me) and the friend’s girlfriend (that’s my friend designer who designed my logo), organized the fourth edition of an IT conference. It’s called ITCamp and if you’d like to see more details about it please visit the conference website.

Lots of work – preparations for the arrival of the speakers, preparations for the participants’ giveaway bags, preparing the sponsors’ booths and actually running the conference. Of course, after the conference was over, we started evaluating the conference and the conference-organizing process. This year’s conference was the best edition ever! We had  +435 participants, which is a really huge number for a community conference, and without a marketing budget. So I am really happy everything went down as it should and we didn’t have any issues or bad experiences during the conference. As we learn something from each edition, the next ITCamp will be even better! 😉

All last week I was speaking, eating and dreaming ITCamp, no too much time for me. It was a little hard because Miss I. was also with us – we didn’t have whom to leave her with, so we brought her with us. It was fun seeing her running around the conference venue, making new friends between the hotel staff and getting free stuff from everyone. Everybody loved her. As you can imagine, this meant almost zero time for me.

After a few days of MissI. + conference tasks + less sleep + lots of coffee, I decided I need time for me to work out a little bit. Although I had around 4-5 cups of coffee, I had no energy. So needed a quick but intense workout to boost my energy and improve my mood. During my stay there I worked out twice – little, I know, but these two workouts were  really helpful to getting me back in the game. The hotel’s gym wasn’t ready, so I had to go with the hotel room workout kind of thing. I don’t really like them, but that’s that and I had to deal with that. So no weights, no mat – just 2 free square meters.

The first workout was quite jumpy. The benefit of being part of the conference staff is that you know what rooms are occupied and those which aren’t, and, by that time, the one underneath me was still empty at the time.

Hotel Room workout


As the week went by, I realize not I was getting more and more tired, but due to the adrenaline rush, I didn’t feel tired at all. So the second workout was also a good one. I should add ski jumps to my workouts more frequently, they really do a good job training your legs for the actual skiing. There’s a romanian saying – “A wise householder builds himself a sleigh in the summer and a wagon in the winter.”


Do you travel to conferences a lot? Or do you organize similar events? How’s your program looking like in the week of the conference? Do you have the time / make time to exercise during this all time? Looking forward to hearing your stories!

Before I head back to work – I recently joined Helly’s 100 Days Of Summer Challenge (#100Daysof Summer on Twitter and Instagram), starting June 1st and ending September 8th. I challenge myself to go sugar free through the summer – as I told Helly, my plan is to completely remove sugar, and if I’ll have a sweet tooth, I will have maple or agave syrup. So keep your fingers crossed for me please, it won’t be easy! But my goal is to show my husband and my 3 years-old that you actually CAN live without sugar. Who else is going to join the challenge? What would be great for your health to give up for the 100 days of summer? No soda, more fruits or veggies, drink more water? Let’s hear it!