I’m Closing in on 30

In less than a month and a half, I will no longer be in the 20s league. And I feel really good about it – not that it hadn’t been so much fun, but I look forward to my 30s. I actually don’t feel like 30 at all. If I think back, when I was a child, I always imagined 30 year old people to be so serious, so grown up, so not young anymore. 🙂

In my opinion, 30s bring with them another youth period – the age when you finally accepted who you are, the age when you finally pretty much know what you’re talking about, when you’re not shy any more, when you know how and when to ask for what you want. So yes, it’s another young period in so many ways… Instead of drunken party photos, your Facebook friends are all about weddings, and baby pics. It’s the time when you decide to make healthy changes in your lifestyle, decide to run a 5K, a 10K, or even a half-marathon.


(photo credit to digialart)

Speaking of healthy changes, the other days I came across an article in Women’s Heath Magazine about the 15 fitness habits need to be established in your 20s. So I read the article and checked / left unchecked the habits. Here’s what I managed so far… but I still 1 more month to go so, I’ve got lots of time. 🙂

  1. [checked] Fall in love with strength training
    It’s true I prefer bodyweight strength training, rather than weight lifting, but I learned the lesson – this type of workout increases lean muscle mass => boosts metabolism + torches calories & sheds stubborn fat
  2. [checked] Drink more water
    I usually drink between 2.6 – 3.3 l of water. But I didn’t used to drink this much water… It was hard to turn it into a habit and I still have my water log app to keep me on track. I don’t need it anymore to remind me to drink my water, but I like it because I’ve got all my records in there and I can see from where I started.
  3. [checked] Vary it up
    Leaving plateaus aside, it gets pretty boring to train in the same manner over and over again. So I love to vary my trainings, from bike rides to yoga, from playing with the dogs in the backyard to jumping on the trampoline. Besides, it really helps with #15. 😉
  4. [checked] Embrace the rest day
    Oh, rest day(s), how I love you! I must confess I tend to have 2 rest days / week. Sundays are a given rest day, but I also don’t work out one day during the week. It’s not always the same day, as it depends on my schedule. But I feel good about my rest days and each time I work out after a rest day I train harder because I feel my body it there for me, there to support me reach my goals.
  5. [checked] Learn proper form, and don’t cheat
    This is something I neglected at first, until I realized that I wasn’t getting much out of my workout that way – it’s always better to do fewer reps within the given time with proper form!
  6. Switch up your running shoes
    What running shoes? 🙂 I don’t run, but I’d like to start. I’m even thinking on running a 5K in fall, so I’ll sign up for the fall 5K race.
  7. [checked] Refuel properly post-workout
    This one was also really hard to make it as a habit, because after working out, my body is so tired, I don’t feel like eating anything at all. But thanks to smoothies, I managed to refuel myself after really intense workouts.
  8. Go to random gym classes
    I’d like to go to any class by that matter. But I work out at home, and I don’t have anyone to leave Miss I. with while I’d be away to a gym class. Therefore, I try to do random workouts from Pilates to HIIT, from gymball to resistance bands workouts and so on. The workouts I’d absolutely love to try are TRX and CrossFit.
  9. [checked] Stretch before and after you exercise
    That needs no clarification. It’s a must!
  10. [checked] Make your workout a part of your day
    It’s the best thing you can do for your body and mind! It’s my me time, that I really enjoy sweating in pink (literally – I’ve got the pinkest top ever 🙂 ).
  11. [checked] Be mindful
    Easy – just pay attention to what it’s trying to tell you and you’ll be more than ok. For instance, while working out, I often get the feeling that that doesn’t feel right; and it usually doesn’t so I stop for a moment to figure it out what’s the matter. 
  12. Invest in good workout clothes
    As I work out at home, I work out in my most comfortable clothes, even though they aren’t necessary fitness clothes.
  13. [checked] Do either Yoga or Pilates
    I mainly do it to prevent back pain. I sit a lot in front of the computer, so I really don’t want to feel the pains I experienced years ago, before starting to work out on a regular basis.
  14. [checked] Choose your friends wisely
    I do – I work out alone. 😛 Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends, but I can’t train at my best capacity if I work out with a friend. We always always end up talking, not concentrating on the exercise and not getting much out of it.
  15. [checked] Have fun!
    Well… Having a kid and two dogs it’s already a recipe for having fun each day. Besides, life’s fun when you feel good about yourself and about how you look!

Did you turn 30 yet? If yes, when did you incorporated within your lifestyle these fitness habits? If you’re still in your 20s, what’s your score so far?


Jump, Jump | Trampoline Impromptu Workout

The Easter Bunny was soooo generous this year… Miss I. got a trampoline and ever since we’ve got a problem to take her inside. She jumps on the trampoline a lot, and even she’s only 3, she “invented” her own jumping routine and exercises like walk on moon, the giant’s jump, the ball jump, the scissors and so on. She has lots of fun.

This morning, after a stormy night, I climbed the trampoline to wipe the water that was left on it, so Miss I. can proceed with jumping. Well… little I knew then that I’ll be spending around 20 – 25 minutes jumping on the trampoline… It was like returning to being a kid, freeing myself of everything, forgetting that I need to prepare the breakfast, forgetting pretty much about everything.

And I loved the feeling!

I am new to trampoline workouts, so basically what I did in those 20 – 25 minutes is jumping my heart out in HIIT style – 45 seconds on, 15 seconds active rest (jumping boxer shuffle or jumping light). I’ve repeated the following sequence 3 times. By the end of the impromptu workout I was exhausted. I am wondering how effective my workout was, and I wish I had my Polar FT4 heart monitor with me… Well… next time I will make sure I will.

Straight Jumps

Tuck Jumps

Jumping Jacks

Fly Jacks

Double Half-Twists

High Knees with Stop

Seat Drops

So if you have a trampoline in the back yard, please do use it! Don’t wait like me, because you’ll regret it later! 🙂

Do you have some other trampoline exercises you love or you’d recommend me to try?


Rainy Day

Rainy Day

We’re on a short vacation in the mountains, and the rainy weather that swept across the country finally reached us here. It’s pouring rain, the wind is blowing really strong; not very appealing to leave the hotel. So given this weather conditions, all three of us are hitting the gym, the massage room and the pool, some SPA treatments for me… My husband is really proud of his little girl and the kind of workouts she does. Well, as I always say, there’s no age limit to working out. You just need to adjust it to your age.